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With only 28(29?) days, February is stuffed full of special music.

Winter Carnivals in Quebec ring with Bonhomme!

Valentine’s Day offers a chance to try out  music reading skills, step by step in the video for Valentine, Red and Blue.

Black History Month is full of music possibilities.   Follow history from Spirituals to Jazz.   (All Night, All DayHa Ha This-A-Way;  Chay Chay Cool-eh)

And, this year, the last week of February with  Mardi Gras and Pancake Tuesday are the last hurrah before the austerity of Lent (a Christian season of prayer and penitence) begins.

And then, of course, even without snow, it’s winter and  Hockey Hockey!

“Music is the shorthand of emotion.”

Leo Tolstoy


January usually seems like a long month.   Maybe its the droop after December festivities are over, and the dearth of January holidays.     Unless, of course, you celebrate the Chinese New Year,  or are Scottish and roast Robbie Burns.

Long months are good blocks for teaching.   Students and teachers know how to work with each other now; past concepts have been reviewed so on to the new!