2021 Still!

September 08,2021

Here we go again into the somewhat nebulous school year.  Pandemic variants, climate change, social unrest and political divisiveness all threaten to sink us in a swamp of stress  –and that’s before contemplating lesson plans.

Breathe!   In through the nose to a count of 4, down into the lower lungs, belly moving out (via the diaphragm), shoulders  pried off their attachment to the ears      and then,   controlling it to last through a count of 8, breathe out through the mouth.    And again  ….

Basic warm-ups for music include relaxation,  focusing and breathing.   A breathing warm-up can take as little time as a minute,  easily included in a daily classroom routine.    This de-stressing practice can be a gift students keep for a lifetime.     Today is the day to begin breathing again.


  1.   relax muscles
  2.   breathing practice

*for ideas try   Resources —  Warm-Ups   — breathing/body

*for more information, try the following sites

BBC  –Sing  — Learning –Breathing

(Unfortunately I’m having difficulty getting a link to work, but google the above, it will open a vast array of wonderful resources.)