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2024 June

Summer is on it’s way …   time to think about the school year that’s past, enjoy the songs are were enjoyable, and maybe get ready for Canada Day (July 1)!     “Ideas to get Started below

Songs from Canada   Land of the Silver Birch  My Paddle’s Keen and Bright   Donkey Riding   Klondike  Maple Syrup Saga  I’se the B’y   Lukey’s Boat

Campfire Songs   Old Hiram’s Goat  Do Your Ears Hang Low  A Sailor Went To Sea    Sweetly Sings the Donkey  Mama Don’t Allow No Singing  Miss Lucy Had a Baby  When I Was One  All Together – Let’s Make Peace  In The Summer  The Bear Went Over the Mountain  The Grand Old Duke of York  My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean  Bought Me A Cat