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A Hunting With Science

“The Beggar’s Opera” to “The Farmer In the Dell” to “A Hunting We Will Go” and now morphed into exploring science, try this new version of a very old song.

Auld Lang Syne

A marriage between a folk song melody and a poem revised by Robbie Burns led
to this song traditional to New Year’s Eve around the world.


Camille Saint-Saens
Carnival of the Animals

African Noel

“Sing Noel” calls out for drums and harmony, movement and anticipation.

All Night, All Day

Sing words of hope and comfort and learn about the lives of the people who created this and many other songs.

Autumn Leaves

Twirl and whirl with the falling leaves in a Canadian autumn.

Sing about Canadian autumn while the flute plays a twirling harmony.  For Grade 1 students, the mp3/4 provide opportunities to sing a familiar tune while recorded voices sing the round.  Grade 2 students may be ready to sing the round.