May 13,2021

Truth be told, I don’t like bugs very much.  But I do appreciate their place in this world  —how important they are.    I remember this sometimes when I meet others I don’t like much.

The featured songs may be used to teach music, but they are also a good tool for teaching science  (ecosystems, biodiversity, animal groups, botany);  visual arts (looking for shapes to aid drawing, perspective, colour mixing); language arts (composition, storytelling, point of view) and social studies (ways people around the world incorporate bugs into economics).    In any of these subjects, hooking ideas to a song will make stronger connections between ideas in the brain, and easier recall of facts and questions.

Other “bug” songs in Can Do Music:                                                      Little Arabella;    The Internetting Spider;     Ladybug, Ladybug;  Baby Bumblebee (two versions);    Bee Bee, Bumblebee;

and for Active Listening:  The Flight of the Bumblebee

Other “bug” resources:    word card set

Have fun!