February Yeah!

February 01,2022

After a January  with Omicron, blizzards and too many grey days, that just seemed to crawl by, February will be a treat.   Even with snow storms, its a short month and speeds by as we all anticipate Spring’s arrival.

Musical themes built in to the month include the Lunar New Year (Tigers!);  Black History MonthWinter Carnival-Bonhomme Season, and a celebration of love.

Enjoy the snow songs learned in January, as we all hope appropriate opportunities to sing them will soon vanish.

Cccc Cc Cold  Jingle Bells  (not just a December song)

Shoveling Snow   I Want To Go Outside

Sing about the Lunar New Year or sing about the moon!

Aiken Drum  Zoom Zoom Zoom   Twinkle Twinkle

Celebrate Winter!   Bonhomme Bonhomme