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Toronto ‘n Montreal

Do Montreal and Toronto go together? Try harmony with these “piggybacked partners”.

Piggybacking A Song

Step by step directions on how to “piggyback” and/or “zip” to create new songs from old.

I Gotta Friend

Where do your friends live? Add a verse to this piggybacked song that explores Canadian geography and can be partnered for harmony singing.

Maple Syrup Saga

Sing through the anticipation of a special Spring breakfast. An opportunity for music readers to
test out their skills as the rhythms change slightly from verse to verse.

Cold and Flu Germs

Stretch those reading skills in the video by adding this verse to the CanDo Music 1 chant about Cold and Flu Season.

Canada Is My Country

Is a round, or are they partner songs, or does it matter? Have fun with harmony putting these words and tunes together anyway you want!

Land of the Silver Birch

Let the haunting melody become part of your memories as you sing this
Canadian folksong. It can also be partnered with “My Paddle’s Keen and
Bright” to add harmony.