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Miss Lucy Had a Baby

How not to mother a baby in your care –sing along with the silly story just for fun.

Gonna Lay Down My Sword

Spirituals may come from years past, but they are still relevant today. Join in singing a description of peace.

Making A Purple Stew

Whip up a vegetable stew and then turn it 1900’s into a rondo for Halloween or other special days.

I Never Saw A Purple Cow

1895 saw the beginning of “Purple Cow” popularity. Join in with the ditty and explore different musical ways to perform its rhymes.

Great Big House in New Orleans

Get up close and personal with this party game from pioneer days! May be sung as
a partner song with L’il Liza Jane, or to the Canada version offered.

Old Brass Wagon

Want to go a-courtin’ but not allowed to dance? Well then, try this once popular
“party game” as a way to get to know each other.