January 2022

January 01,2022

Brrrrrr …..

It’s only taken 2 years of Covid to get me back to writing.   My apologies to anyone who has kept looking for the rest of the Grade 3 CanDo materials.    January lessons are up!    I’ll attempt to keep time with the months this year.

Songs:  Well,  Grade 3 has new winter songs.   Both are featured on the home page.

Shoveling Snow   uses familiar campsong music with familiar winter themes.    The three partner songs may be sung separately as rounds, or combined in any way.    If your class is attempting recorder or has kazoos,  the music for “Snow Snow Snow” could be tried.

I Want To Go Outside  is a song for climate change.   I oscillated between having “grass that was brown all over the town” and what ended up being sung.   Since the tune sung is from the Opera Carmen, it also serves as an example of opera music.   Hansel and Gretel introduces opera more formally later this month.