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Funga Alafia

Sing and dance a welcoming song that is a mix of continents.

Great Big House in New Orleans

Get up close and personal with this party game from pioneer days! May be sung as
a partner song with L’il Liza Jane, or to the Canada version offered.

Old Brass Wagon

Want to go a-courtin’ but not allowed to dance? Well then, try this once popular
“party game” as a way to get to know each other.

Holi Ho

Join in the pulsing beat and frantic activity of a Holi celebration (minus
the water and coloured powder throwing).

Sur Le Pont

A song that is nearly as old as the bridge it dances on. Enjoy the change of pace
partway through this traditional French melody.


March to the beat with Napoleon’s soldiers, but what do you do when the beat is silent?

Give Me Joy

Try stamping the rhythm on your feet —instant dance! For a change of pace, use sign language for the key words. Set at a pace that calls for movement, new words make an old tune ready for singing.