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Old Hiram’s Goat

Bill Grogan, or maybe Hiram –whatever the man’s name, his pet
goat sounds about the same. Join in the echo/action song and act
like a “kid”.

Bluenose Bluenose

Swimming or sailing —they both mean summer in Canada.
Sing it once, or again and again leaving out parts each time.


Dance or march with Juanito, exploring space and movement.


March to the beat with Napoleon’s soldiers, but what do you do when the beat is silent?

The Grand Old Duke of York

And when they’re up – stretch to the sky; and when they’re down – squat; and
inbetween, well … March with the music of fife and drum to this traditional folksong.

Pancake Tuesday

In England, on Pancake Tuesday, playing with your food is what its all about —flipping contests, egg races and EATING! Christina Rosetti wrote the words, can you make up a tune to go with them?