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Inuit Lullaby

Mother and Father sing of their love for a newborn daughter in this Inuit lullaby.

Fais Do Do

Visions of home and chocolate lure babies to sleep en francais.

All Night, All Day

Sing words of hope and comfort and learn about the lives of the people who created this and many other songs.

Hush Little Baby

In a traditional lullaby, an anxious parent tries to soothe a crying babe with promises of gifts. The mp4 uses images of vintage toys to help explain how a “cart and bull”, etc. could be possible gifts for a child.

Ten In The Bed

Count backwards from 10 to 1 in this saga of what happens in an overcrowded bed. The mp4 story begins with a recounting of “The Shoe Woman” and continues as a parody of the traditional telling for Ten in the Bed.