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Ickle Ockle

Ickle Ockle may be used to try out music reading skills or harmonize by singing as a round. Or teach it as a Counting Rhyme and listen for it on the school yard!

Shoveling Snow

Snowy words to three partner songs based on the familiar “Rock-a-my Soul” trio. Mix and match for harmony practice with voices or instruments. Built into the video is re-enforcement of “tim-ri ta”.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Get together with this traditional tune to “keep our world green”.

Get together with this familiar tune to “keep our world green”.

Frog In A Bog

Chase the frog around and around, and see if in the muddle both groups in the round land on the rests at the same time!

It’s Cold Outside

Playing outside in the snow is fun, until its not. Sing this simple round, play its melody on a glockenspiel or make up a harmony while naming experiences of a Canadian winter.

Tick Tock

“Do, mi, so and high do create a memorable melody for this versitile song.
Sing as is, turn into a round, break into 3 lines and sing as partner songs and/or add simple pitched accompaniment with voices or instruments.