New Year’s Day 2019

January 01,2019

Welcome to winter of 2019. Used to be we could count on snow by January. When I lived in Yellowknife, when I lived in New Brunswick, snow was reliable. There are still places in our world where global warming can be ignored during the winter, but not in southern Ontario.

Check out the new winter song on offer to meet today’s weather. Yes, the tune is familiar and will link later to a lesson on opera. The pedantic, demanding mood just felt so right for after holiday demand of children in most of Canada. Music without mood is like chewing on a stale biscuit.

So choose a “snow is here” song, or try out the “where is it” option, add a dose of mood and launch into the new year with gusto!


It’s C-c-c-c Cold
It’s Cold Outside
Snow, Snow, Snow
I Want To Go Outside
and remember
Jingle Bells is a winter song!