October 2022 Week 4

October 15,2022

October music is nearing its end  –next week look at November ideas!

There are so many wonderful Halloween songs to try  …   its a short season squeezed in between Thanksgiving and Remembrance Day, so don’t overlook the classics Five Little Pumpkins   and  Old Mrs. Witch   .  Two new songs on the site  —There Was An Old Witch  and Skin and Bones   (? too scary for Grade 3 ?)  Twinkle Bat   explores variations on Twinkle Twinkle.  Try these or use your own favourites  –the most important thing in teaching a song is that your real enjoyment of the song will be contagious.

There are parts of Halloween that meld beautifully with music curriculum, without actually being Halloween!    Dressing-up,  let’s pretend fantasies,  acting in theatre,   miming to music,   teaching minor keys,   harvest foods (including turnips and pumpkins).      I’m Gonna Be A …  (2 versions of this, one for Halloween, one just for “let’s pretend”  or  “when I grow-up”) which can be paired with the Role Playing Music ;   or try dancing to Fossils;   or singing  Humpkin Pumpkin;  and  Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater.     Satisfy those cravings for sweets by making a Making A Purple Stew   or chanting I Never Saw A Purple Cow.

Next week:    Remembrance Day and Songs about Peace Making