Reading Readiness 4

March 29,2021

Last new part of “Introducing G” is learning the concept of naming the alphabet  –up and down beginning with G, to find the names of other lines and spaces in a music staff.

Check out the video:  Introducing “Start With G”  which demonstrates finding the names for several additional lines/spaces.    Remember  —its the concept of including both lines and spaces while moving up and down in the alphabet that is the focus (not all the ABC names of lines/spaces)!

The pdf that goes with the video includes templates for making your own flashcards to continue drilling the concept here, as well as recognizing the second line in a staff as “G”.

Continuing to drill on the alphabet patterns, “G” and how to climb or descend the staff lines/spaces will ensure a solid foundation for future music reading.     Keep the drills short, and varied for fun.