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Inuit Lullaby

Mother and Father sing of their love for a newborn daughter in this Inuit lullaby.

Fais Do Do

Visions of home and chocolate lure babies to sleep en francais.

Great Big House in New Orleans

Get up close and personal with this party game from pioneer days! May be sung as
a partner song with L’il Liza Jane, or to the Canada version offered.

Bonjour Mes Amis

Cajun folksong with a French Canadian accompaniment —can you sing and dance at the same time?

Mama Don’t Allow No Singing

Oh that Mama —with a wink and a grin cause Mama is apt to join right in to this rollicking tune. Plenty of opportunities to add new ideas or use as a lead in to generating classroom guidelines for what is allowed this year.

Swimming Swimming

Canadian summers are short, maybe that’s why we like swimming sooo much?


Dance or march with Juanito, exploring space and movement.