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Auld Lang Syne

A marriage between a folk song melody and a poem revised by Robbie Burns led
to this song traditional to New Year’s Eve around the world.

Twas In The Moon -The Huron Carol

Explore the haunting melody and words to this carol written in what is now
Canada during the 1600s. The chorus uses original Wendat (Huron) words.

Gonna Lay Down My Sword

Spirituals may come from years past, but they are still relevant today. Join in singing a description of peace.

Skin and Bones

This story turned into song has been frightening children since the 1700s. Check out older gruesome versions included in this file for grown-ups only.

Great Grandma

Sing about Canada’s past with this Prairie folksong.


Mime the stages of a traditional seal hunt –needed in the far-North to feed communities.