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In The Window

Holiday song set in a minor key adding another dimension to ideas about celebrating.

Set in a minor key, oboe and strings play this Hanukah song which adds another dimension to celebrating holidays.

I’m Gonna Be A …

A simple question and answer song to explore ideas and dreams.

From Mardi Gras to Purim to Halloween  –many cultures have special days that centre around costumes.  Try this question and answer song for playing dress-up or being grown-ups.  Students sing their own ideas to a set tune.

Hellos x2

Three vocal warm-ups encorporating many langauges.

Three vocal warm-ups use a variety of languages to sing “Hello”.  Learn from the mp3s or mp4s, then invite students to become leaders in their own language of birth.

Ha Ha This-A-Way

A song with an interesting history and simple movements …

A song with an interesting history.  Simple movements make a good introduction to dance.  Zip in student choice of perambulation to build vocabulary.