The Merry Month of May

May 01,2021

If I were teaching this month, and not confined to a curriculum, I would let usual expectations go and concentrate on music fun.  We’re all becoming screen weary, or mesmerized (which is worse?)    Let fun in music lighten the load for all of us.   Learning will happen.

Mothers come in all languages  … check out  “Los Pollitos“.   Challenge students to create and photograph a “stuffed animal” family.    How does the mother call her “chicks”?    Explore what chicks say in different languages   e.g.   peep,  pio,  piou.   What are the onomatopoeias for animal sounds in Asian countries?   Music is a language in itself, and also comes from the languages we learn.

And, just because  I learned “Los Pollitos”  in Ecuador,  try “Juanito” to get the jiggles out,  or  “La Cucaracha”  (a very old folk song used to parody political events in Mexico and Spain).


Who Shall I Be Kind To?” is answered in this song based on a middle-Eastern moral story.    Its a question well worth exploring.