Week 2 Action Songs

September 20,2020

Have to stay in one spot for social distancing? Get the wiggles out by singing (or thinking) and doing the actions to a rousing song. Either make up your own actions, or use the traditional ones explained in the song pdf information.   Just click on the chosen song video and all the audio, visual and written information will come to the screen.

“When I Was One” includes ideas for literacy, using word cards and a mix-up the song game.

For the adventurous, learn  “I’m a Little Piece of Tin”  by working through the  rhythm and solfa videos found on the song page.

“Ha Ha This-A-Way”  and   “She’ll Be ‘Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain” are both folksongs.   Check out the lesson plan material for cultural settings.

All of the songs in CanDoMusic include mp3s with and without the singing. If you are in a classroom this year where singing out loud isn’t part of the plan, try having students do actions to the instrumental mp3. Its fun, and an easy check on whether students are able to follow the timing of the song just by the music.

last week:   rhythm