Week 4 Pocket Chart Composing

October 04,2020

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Flashcards in CanDoMusic are sized to mirror the length of time it takes to sing/say a rhythm.   Primary students can build a song using the flashcards in a standard metre.

In ordinary time,  or  4/4 time,  there are 4 beats in a bar and a quarter note gets a beat.    The hearts show beats.  The first heart in each bar/pocket is darker as its  “a little bit longer and a little bit stronger”.      Begin with a wordless-pocket chart and have student composers choose words for the chant.   The size of the cards will limit the words chosen to fit the metre.   Any wordless hearts are “rests”  or silence.

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For more information about pocket chart composing, and to view the available word sets,

go to    Resources   —-    Composition

or          Resources  —-   Flashcards

Word sets include display size and student sized cards for copying and sharing.