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I started September planning to keep up with putting all the resources for Can Do 3 on this site in time for each month as it came. I’m not keeping up with my plans. Life keeps getting in the way!

Maybe that happens to you once in a while in the classroom?
There’s science and math, language arts, assemblies and maybe even a snow day or two. Classroom teachers have huge curriculum expectations to meet as well as personal goals.

Even when you don’t see all the up-to-date resources for Can Do 3 on the site, I’m working at it, just one bit at a time.
Classroom music sometimes needs a “one bit at a time” approach.   Just choose one song or one dance or one warm-up … and do that! If there’s music time left, sing through favourite parts of the repertoire, play the instruments in a rollicking cacophony, relax to the strains of quiet instrumental music … all this meets the most important part of including music in ordinary class life…

… so that students will be able to find in music
a lifelong source
of enjoyment and personal satisfaction

Walter Pitman
Learning the Arts in an Age of Uncertainty
Ontario Curriculum Purpose