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November 2022 Week 3

Since the advent of Covid, viruses have taken on a new prominence in daily life.    Singing about “Cold and Flu Season” won’t make it go away  —but it is one of many activities that may help “regularize” its presence.   Check out this add-on to the chant.

Germs spread with the greatest of ease

So wash your hands with the ABC’s

Use a sleeve when you feel a sneeze,

If you don’t want to catch a disease,

Stop those germs,  NOW!


And now there’s an alternative to singing  The Alphabet Song to time hand washing.   Remember the describing how to wash song that was a joint effort of Dr. Nisha Thampi and her daughter Lekha in Ottawa with collaboration by Dr. Yves Longtin in Montreal?   (tune:  Frere Jacques)  As a person with an immune deficiency,  I particularly like the idea of going on the “thumb attack” against germs.

Scrub your palms, between the fingers

Wash the backs,  wash the backs,

Twirl the tips around, Scrub them up and down,

Thumb attack,   thumb attack!



“Soft Kitty” may help Sheldon Cooper  (Big Bang Theory)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-qra604RbU   feel better when he’s sick, but what works for you?    Try the “Soft Kitty” song with your class as an ideas starter   OR    try  Farmer Brown’s Cow  for a barnyard take on comfort ideas.