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Old Hiram’s Goat

Bill Grogan, or maybe Hiram –whatever the man’s name, his pet
goat sounds about the same. Join in the echo/action song and act
like a “kid”.

El Burrito Enfermo

What do you do when your donkey gets sick? Sing on for ideas in this traditional Spanish song.

Farmer Brown’s Cow

How do you help make someone who is sick feel better? Sing along with friends who do their best to help out.

I Never Saw A Purple Cow

1895 saw the beginning of “Purple Cow” popularity. Join in with the ditty and explore different musical ways to perform its rhymes.

Ickle Ockle

Ickle Ockle may be used to try out music reading skills or harmonize by singing as a round. Or teach it as a Counting Rhyme and listen for it on the school yard!

Bought Me A Cat

A folksong drama with speaking/singing parts for a menage of animals and the busy care giver — in G Pentatonic its easy to add instruments to make this a complete performance.