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Week 13 Holiday Season

November 29 2020

lights d

Traveling in countries close to the equator, I’ve had to get used to not having sunshine past 6:30pm, even in the summer.    The year I lived in Yellowknife,  late June-July, I kept forgetting to go to bed because the sun was mostly up all the time.   But most of my life I’ve spent mid-way.   In the summer, evenings are long and bright.   In the winter, the sun disappears in the afternoon.     Living mid-way,  changes in sun light punctuate the seasons.

As I’ve gotten older, I find myself really looking forward to the sparkle of holiday lights in December.   They break into the growing darkness with a reminder that the year is turning as it ought to.    Its no wonder that everywhere around the world people celebrate the solstice.    In winter we sing and make noise to drive the darkness away.  In summer we sing and dance to celebrate the light.    So my holidays now are a mix of various places and people   —all of us looking for light.

May you find what you need to drive the darkness away this year.

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Each lesson builds on the one before so that concepts grow in complexity through the year.  Practice and review are planned into lessons.  Canadian curriculum expectations are detailed at the beginning of every lesson (and in the overview).  This is a complete music curriculum including music literacy, performance, instrument playing and active listening.  Songs are suggested, but may easily be switched with your own favourites.  As long as the planned teaching points are covered, all curriculum expectations will be met.

Grade 1 - Music, Dance & Drama!

Begin with the basics, for student and teacher. Music, dance and drama combined in 2 fine art lessons per week!

Grade 2 - Music & Dance

Review Grade 1 music concepts then move into growing those concepts through new and familiar music. Focus on solidifying the basics --beat, rhythm and reading rhythm.

Grade 3 - Music

Review music concepts from Grades 1-2 while adding a few new ones. Lots of time in the lessons for using concepts in performance and composition. Music pre-literacy is the focus of the second half of the year in preparation for learning to read the musical staff in Grade 4.

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Create your own music lessons using some of the resources on the site, or, if you’re new to teaching music, try following a few of the lessons given here. Whatever you use –my hope is that “Can Do Music” helps to make music in your classroom and life. To learn more about the site and its creations, explore the links below.

~Dr. Lesley J Clare