January 06,2023
Used to be we could count on snow in January.   No more.    If that’s the case where you are  —try  I Want To Go Outside.  Sung to an “opera tune” often used in tv shows, for Grade 3 it also will work as an introduction to the theme: 
December 17,2022
Is this the year to try some music for the holiday between December and January?    Maybe 
December 05,2022
December-January holidays that have their roots in the Northern Hemisphere grow during a time of decreasing light.  The further north you go, the less sun-light there is as mid-December approaches.    Was it fear?  or longing?   or cabin-fever from cold?   
November 13,2022
Since the advent of Covid, viruses have taken on a new prominence in daily life.    Singing about “Cold and Flu Season” won’t make it go away  —but it is one of many activities that may help “regularize” its presence.   Check
October 31,2022
October 15,2022
October music is nearing its end  –next week look at November ideas! There are so many wonderful Halloween songs to try  …   its a short season squeezed in between Thanksgiving and Remembrance Day, so don’t overlook the classics Five Little
October 09,2022
Thanksgiving, Autumn Leaves and Halloween  –a plethora of musical possibilities. Red Red Leaves   and   Red Orange Yellow Brown  are very simple in form which gives them many ways to be varied, encouraging creativity.   Zip new words into their phrases, 
September 09,2022
Everything is new again –at least for some of us. New teacher? New students? New classroom? New teaching assignment? New subject? And, of course, there’s the much anticipated, perhaps dreaded, reshuffling of students and teachers over the next few weeks, that
April 01,2022
My grandmother was born, in what is now Saskatchewan, in 1895.  My great-grandfather grew up on the north shore of New Brunswick.   He came to Saskatchewan by working on the railway as it was being built across Canada.   My great-great-great Grandfather came to