April 05,2021
Spring has definitely arrived where I live.   The spaces of green near by are a reminder that in spite of everything, life continues to renew itself. Happy
March 29,2021
Last new part of “Introducing G” is learning the concept of naming the alphabet  –up and down beginning with G, to find the names of other lines and spaces in a music staff. Check out the video:  Introducing “Start With G”  which
March 22,2021
Forwards and backwards in the musical alphabet conquered!      Now its time to connect the ABC’s with a musical staff.    I like to make a big deal out of the “G”.    Its easy to find on a treble clef staff because the clef circles around its
March 15,2021
“So-mi‘s” are for singers.                                                                     “A B C D E F G‘s” are for instruments                  …