September 22,2023
Leaves are changing colour.   Harvest is being collected. Songs for September Music    Mama Don’t Allow No Singing   When I First Came to Canada   Sometimes We Like To Sing   Bonjour Mes Amis   Music Time Songs for Autumn  One Apple, Two Apples 
June 05,2023
Before researching  Savez-Vous Planter Les Choux, I could conjure up an image of someone planting their hearts into love because in France, it is the done thing to call a sweetheart “mon petit chou”.   Alas, the “chou” in this love statement
May 04,2023
News flash!!!  (actually its not quite that new but)  —Take Me Out To The Ball Game is now in the public domain!!!   Sing it, print it, enjoy it  –and include the rest of the song because its a great story.    Take Me Out To The Ball Game  
April 10,2023
February 28,2023
In like a lion and out like a lamb  –or is it the other way around? March is known for temperamental weather.   Or maybe for us in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s  our weariness with winter that makes the weather seem so unpredictable.     But whatever
February 05,2023
Can Do Music is a gift.  No ads, no log-ins, no email list  –just some things to help you make music in your classroom (if you’re a teacher), or to sing-a-long with (if you’re young in years or heart). Pop around the website exploring.   Download songs for a
January 06,2023
Used to be we could count on snow in January.   No more.    If that’s the case where you are  —try  I Want To Go Outside.  Sung to an “opera tune” often used in tv shows, for Grade 3 it also will work as an introduction to the theme: 
December 17,2022
Is this the year to try some music for the holiday between December and January?    Maybe 
December 05,2022
December-January holidays that have their roots in the Northern Hemisphere grow during a time of decreasing light.  The further north you go, the less sun-light there is as mid-December approaches.    Was it fear?  or longing?   or cabin-fever from cold?