January 2023

January 06,2023

Used to be we could count on snow in January.   No more.    If that’s the case where you are  —try  I Want To Go Outside.  Sung to an “opera tune” often used in tv shows, for Grade 3 it also will work as an introduction to the theme:  Opera, which is offered later in January  (Hansel and Gretel).

Its Cold Outside   has a melody that uses  “do  –  mi  –  so  –  do” which makes it  a good choice for practicing music reading;  adding orff instruments;  or turning into a round.

Three songs sung side by side by side make up  Shoveling Snow.

And, if it ever gets cold,   really cold   (like it was the year I spent in Yellowknife), enjoy the chattering of teeth mimicked in It s Cccc Cc Cold.

Can Do Music is a gift.  No ads, no log-ins, no email list  –just some things to help you make music in your classroom (if you’re a teacher), or to sing-a-long with (if you’re young in years or heart).

Pop around the website exploring.   Download songs for a road trip.  Browse the lessons for ideas about how to present music elements  –and basic info like:  What is the difference between beat and rhythm?

Music, dance and art pull me out of darkness and into light.
Making music with children brings me delight.

May it be that way for you.