December 01,2019
Even if you tried very hard, it would be difficult NOT to meet at least one or two music curriculum expectations (performance, music and culture, listening, etc.) in December.    Holidays wouldn’t be the same without music:  dance, concerts,  movies, ballet,
November 01,2019
November music begins quietly with peace songs and then seems to rush the holiday season with rehearsals beginning for special music and concerts. Even though I wince at ever earlier store displays of decorations and gifts, I acknowledge that early starts at rehearsal,
October 06,2019
October music tastes the richness of this time of year  —Autumn, Thanksgiving and Harvest, Hallowe’en.  Themes of harvest and death are the focus of special days in many cultures   e.g. China’s New Moon where families gather and share a
September 05,2019
Classroom music in September is an opportunity to relax and have fun, getting on with the work of becoming a community. Since good songs are meant to be sung again and again, pull out some “oldie goldies” likely to have been sung by your new students in their past
January 01,2019
Welcome to winter of 2019. Used to be we could count on snow by January. When I lived in Yellowknife, when I lived in New Brunswick, snow was reliable. There are still places in our world where global warming can be ignored during the winter, but not in southern
December 01,2018
I started September planning to keep up with putting all the resources for Can Do 3 on this site in time for each month as it came. I’m not keeping up with my plans. Life keeps getting in the way! Maybe that happens to you once in a while in the classroom? There’s
September 01,2018
Doesn’t matter what the calendar says, somewhere deep inside, I know the year begins in September with school starting. The holiday schedule, staff meetings, the now familiar class rearranging due to enrollment, lists of students and curriculum goals may look the
October 28,2017
There was a time when I knew 25-30 phone numbers by heart. I suspect it came by dialing them again and again and again. No matter where I went, I had those phone numbers with me, ready when needed. No longer. Today phone numbers are stored in our phones instead of in
June 25,2017
Why sing? Whether its around a campfire, in a classroom, during the 7th inning stretch, at a faith gathering, or on Parliament Hill on Canada Day, singing together brings us together.  Even if we’re not all in tune, we are all saying the same words at the same
December 06,2016
Can Do Music is a gift.  No ads, no log-ins, no email list  –just some things to help you make music in your classroom (if you’re a teacher), or to sing-a-long with (if you’re young in years or heart). Pop around the website exploring.   Download