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Best month of the year –not too hot, not too cold, bugs gone and two delightful holidays!

Move or Dance in Celebration:  Turkey in the Straw;   Shoo Turkey; Five Fat Turkeys;  Thanksgiving Dinner (pocket chart composing);  Thank-Yous(warm-up);  We Give Thanks

Explore Voices for Drama or Dressing-Up:  One Person, Many Voices Hooting;   I’m Gonna Be a Pirate;  Skin and Bones(coming soon);  Old Mrs. WitchRole Playing Music

Autumn Themes:  Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown(improvisation);  Red, Red, Leaves(zipper song);  One Apple, Two Apples(reading, instrument playing);   I Like to Eat;   Ev’rybody Sing;

Hallowe’en:    Five Little PumpkinsOld Mrs. Witch;  Skin and Bones;  In a Dark, Dark Wood; and recreated nursery rhymesHumpkin PumpkinPeter PeterTwinkle Little Bat3 Snowy OwlsThis Black CatThis Is the Way the Witches