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2023 October

Okay, I confess, October is my favourite month  (and not just because it’s my birthday month)!   October is brisk fall days with colourful trees, leaves whirling around, Thanksgiving food and HALLOWEEN.    So if you notice the videos are a little more elaborate than usual  –I confess, it was just such fun.

As well as songs, October is a good time to explore voices.

And maybe try a bit of hooting!


June 2023

Before researching  Savez-Vous Planter Les Choux, I could conjure up an image of someone planting their hearts into love because in France, it is the done thing to call a sweetheart “mon petit chou”.   Alas, the “chou” in this love statement is probably a pastry “chou”.  More understandable, but not as much fun eh?
reference below

Cabbages became all the rage in Europe during the 1500s as an easy to grow and staple food source.   Chances are this folk song was a part of the same time.    Add the actions to planting cabbage with your elbows and nose as you sing.   If wanted its a simple twist to make the song cumulative.

Or visit John in a backyard garden for an easy to learn Call-Response song.  John the Rabbit

Oats and Beans and Barley  goes through the stages of sowing and reaping a crop.   Check out the video for illustrations of grains and the foods they become as the song is sung.

June is time to enjoy the year’s repertoire.   Challenge students to remember the best and worst of the songs they learned.   How about a contest to promote the “best of year” song with a vote held during the last music class?    Hearing student comments about “the worst” or politically correct phraseology  “the not liked as much” songs gives a review for teachers who will be preparing next year’s syllabus.

from May:   News flash!!!  (actually its not quite that new but)  —Take Me Out To The Ball Game is now in the public domain!!!   Sing it, print it, enjoy it  –and include the rest of the song because its a great story.    Take Me Out To The Ball Game



May 2023

News flash!!!  (actually its not quite that new but)  —Take Me Out To The Ball Game is now in the public domain!!!   Sing it, print it, enjoy it  –and include the rest of the song because its a great story.    Take Me Out To The Ball Game



Are you a “mother hen”?

Explore mothering with some active listening through The Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks.

Then sing Los Pollitos, a soft song about early days in the nest.

Or, for a different tact, try  Who Shall I Be Kind To?   Mothers are important eh!

March 2023

In like a lion and out like a lamb  –or is it the other way around?

March is known for temperamental weather.   Or maybe for us in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s  our weariness with winter that makes the weather seem so unpredictable.     But whatever the skies or streets look like, the sure sign of Spring is the sun staying in the sky a little longer every day.

Songs this month turn away from snow and towards maple syrup, rain puddles and sunshine.

Maple Syrup   and Maple Syrup Rag (melody next year)

Sun Sun   and    Oh When the Sun

Thunder Crashes   is an easy reading chant which may also be used as a round.    Rain Rain Go Away    sung on   “so – mi”   makes a game out of solo-singing.     If All The Raindrops     focuses on form and a wistful imagination.

January Snow   is an old nursery rhyme following weather through the months of the year.    Variations of Ev’rybody Sing a Song of Seasons   offers opportunities to create a class version of activities for each season.

And remember,

Whether the weather is cold.

Or whether the weather is hot.

We’ll weather the weather, whatever the weather,

Whether we like it or not!


February 2023

Can Do Music is a gift.  No ads, no log-ins, no email list  –just some things to help you make music in your classroom (if you’re a teacher), or to sing-a-long with (if you’re young in years or heart).

Pop around the website exploring.   Download songs for a road trip.  Browse the lessons for ideas about how to present music elements  –and basic info like:  What is the difference between beat and rhythm?

Music, dance and art pull me out of darkness and into light.
Making music with children brings me delight.

May it be that way for you.