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Beginning, Again Week 4

Everything is new again –at least for some of us. New teacher? New students? New classroom? New teaching assignment? New subject? And, of course, there’s the much anticipated, perhaps dreaded, reshuffling of students and teachers over the next few weeks, that will make new, new again.

But not everything needs to be new –especially in music. Most songs are not meant to be sung only once. There’s nothing that says September can’t begin with maybe one new song, and the comfort of old familiar ones. Its easier to review music basics like rhythm patterns and conducting cues when singing songs that are already known. Check with last year’s teachers, or ask the students “What were your favourite songs last year?” Sing them! “Did you learn a new song at camp this summer?” What was it about? And there are always the classics: The Alphabet Song, Twinkle Twinkle, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, etc.

September during music time, focus on community building, setting parameters for the year and enjoying. “A lifelong enjoyment of music” is the underlying and sometimes stated hope of every music curriculum.

CanDoMusic 1  The Kangaroo

CanDoMusic 2  Lukey’s Boat

CanDoMusic 3 Old Brass Wagon

Warm-Up Keep the Beat