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Maple Syrup Saga

Sing through the anticipation of a special Spring breakfast. An opportunity for music readers to
test out their skills as the rhythms change slightly from verse to verse.

A Hunting With Science

“The Beggar’s Opera” to “The Farmer In the Dell” to “A Hunting We Will Go” and now morphed into exploring science, try this new version of a very old song.

I Know a Little Pussy

Pussycat, pussycat, where have you been? Travel up and down the scale with this folksong.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Get together with this traditional tune to “keep our world green”.

Get together with this familiar tune to “keep our world green”.

Down In The Wood

Take a deep breath —can you sing through the chorus without pausing? Add actions to the challenge of making it through this “just for fun” camp song.

Oh When the Sun

Sing with hope for the world in which we live. Try the instruments only, full band version for the feel of Dixieland jazz.

Tick Tock

“Do, mi, so and high do create a memorable melody for this versitile song.
Sing as is, turn into a round, break into 3 lines and sing as partner songs and/or add simple pitched accompaniment with voices or instruments.