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150 Happy Birthdays Canada!

Why sing?

Whether its around a campfire, in a classroom, during the 7th inning stretch, at a faith gathering, or on Parliament Hill on Canada Day, singing together brings us together.  Even if we’re not all in tune, we are all saying the same words at the same time.  We are making a joyful noise.

So, singing makes community, but it also remembers community.  Songs are a link to the past  –in their words, and in the emotional memory of times we have sung them.  Singing crosses the great divide within us (the corpus callosum btw sides of the brain) and between us (sharing words and emotions).

Folksongs express  events/emotions that communities experience.  Singing folksongs links us to our history/herstory and the stories of others.  So, Canada, we Can Do Music, and we need to sing.  This 150th year, explore who we are as Canadians by singing our songs  –old and new.

Make a joyful noise!