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February Valentines

If you haven’t tried a reading song with your class, take a look at Valentine, Red and Blue.    With only “so”,”mi” and “la”, it works for beginning students and teachers.

The songvideo teaches the song following a basic reading path  …    1.   do the rhythm      2.   sing solfa      3   add words

Before showing the video, warm-up students by using the handsigns for the solfa that will be needed.     Show the written music inviting students to explore the song.

What is the title?

Find two words that rhyme.

Find a word that fits   “ti-ti ta”   answer:  “Val-en-tine”

The first word is on “so”.   Find another word on “so”,  etc.

If the songvideo is used to teach the song,  use handsigns where the solfa is sung.   Research has shown that the use of handsigns enhances learning pitch (the highs and lows) in music.

Just for fun  …  make up a few new first lines, and challenge students to complete new couplets.

e.g.   Valentine, Valentine, are you true

or     Valentine, Valentine, red and white

In a follow-up class time, review learning the song without using the mp4.    Is there a student who is ready to conduct?