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April 2020

And this year, April is very different. Physical distancing is the norm, and socializing is done by texting or internet. Classrooms and homes have become one and the same.

In the midst of all the confusion and angst, I love the many ways ordinary people are reaching out to each other with music. Some of its in tune, some of it not so much —-but its being given with empathy and hope and it helps.

Music pulls us together in times such as this … so keep singing.

If you are a teacher creating lessons  to go out over the internet, remember that everything on this site is free to download, copy, and use as you will. You don’t need to direct students to this site, you can put the songs and resources on whatever lesson software you are using. Many of the song videos have been done to re-enforce reading skills in French, English and Music  …   and learning music is known to add to math skills.

If you’re a parent, take a break from tv to gather with your children around a tablet, phone or laptop. Take turns choosing a song to try. Listen to it once together, then play it again and EVERYBODY SING!   When face-timing with grandparents, invite them to choose a song and sing it with them.  On the weekend, take a laptop out on the front yard and invite the neighbours to an “at a distance” singsong. Turn it into a “campfire” by adding a few candles.

Stay safe,