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Doesn’t matter what the calendar says, somewhere deep inside, I know the year begins in September with school starting. The holiday schedule, staff meetings, the now familiar class rearranging due to enrollment, lists of students and curriculum goals may look the same on paper, but I’m different every year and that can make everything have new possibilities. Take a minute or two to consider how you have changed in the past year and its possible effects on teaching.

Same thing for students. This year each one will be reading and exploring science, doing sums and running races in different ways from last year. There are the “me” things like growing taller, or not; friends changing; family dynamics affecting who I am now. There are the school things like new teachers, class rooms and class room expectations.

September music can be a safe haven in the midst of change. Even more than stories, good songs may be sung again and again. Since we’re different, what the songs mean to us may change some, but the feelings that go with them will be there somewhere. So add a few new songs this September, but include some familiar music as well. It can be a touchstone in the midst of constant change.